Top 10 Video Games I Hate

I thought I would start my post of by apologising for not posting sooner!! I have been revising for an exam and failed it again. It was literally by 3% it's super annoying but hey it's life XD. I'm still revising for my other exams so again sorry for not posting often than I would… Continue reading Top 10 Video Games I Hate


Shadow of the Colossus Review

I've been contemplating playing this game for a while but never picked it up when it originally came out on the PS2. I heard that this was supposed to be a sequel to Ico but I believe they changed their minds when they produced this game. I always had another game that I was buying… Continue reading Shadow of the Colossus Review


Monster Hunter World: First Impression

Monster Hunter World has been Capcom's best selling game to date with it shipping over six million copies when it's only been out just over two weeks now. This took me by surprise because I always think of games like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Okami and Devil May Cry being more popular than Monster Hunter.… Continue reading Monster Hunter World: First Impression