Top 10 Video Games I Hate


I thought I would start my post of by apologising for not posting sooner!! I have been revising for an exam and failed it again. It was literally by 3% it’s super annoying but hey it’s life XD. I have also been still revising

I did a Poll on twitter @OkamiAmmy and I gave a list of potential posts I was thinking of doing. This was the most voted topic for me to do. I wanted to do something different and I always talk about games I like. I think it’s equally important to talk about ones I hate/dislike as well. I’m going to do it across all platforms from the past and the future so no console/game is safe XD.

In no particular order of hatred here are my Top 10 Video Games I Hate

1. Lords of the Fallen (PS4)


I know a lot of people liked this game but in the end I didn’t. I made it to the second boss and gave up after that. I felt it was trying to be like a Dark Souls game but the mechanics were too clunky and arcade like than a smooth/quick mechanics that I was expecting. The story had potential to be really good but I couldn’t deal with the mechanics. I may not have given it a fair enough chance but in the end I didn’t want to go back to it. In the future I may try again but I highly doubt it.

2. No Man Sky (PS4)


I know this is an obvious one to everyone who heard about this game and the huge disappoint it was. I played a bit of it and I then got bored with it very quickly. I was just randomly exploring a planet and not sure what I was really supposed to do. I felt completely lost and confused with just exploring for the sake of it. If had some form of direction it would have been better and this game had so much potential but yet it didn’t succeed.

3. Elder Scrolls Online (PS4)


I was so angry with this game it was unbelievable and I only played the first chapter. I appreciate that the game is part of the Elder Scrolls series; it’s like Skyrim but you have to pay with real money. I loved Skyrim and I was naturally going to compare this game to Skyrim but still I really hate this game. I felt that in Skyrim you could easily get horse and ride around no problem. In Elder Scrolls online to use the available currency in the world they wanted a ridiculous amount in my opinion. This was forcing you to use micro transaction (real money) to get an allocated currency amount to get a horse or steed more easily (I have to admit I was kinda tempted). I would have much preferred to have paid a monthly subscription like in Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood than to buy basic items with micro transactions.

My loyalty shall remain to Skyrim no matter how many times they re-release it on various platforms and stuff.

4. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PS VR)


I’m so glad I didn’t pay for this game because I didn’t really enjoy this game at all. To me it was a roller coaster ride where you shoot targets in first person and there were the occasional jump scares. It just was so cliche with the haunted horror ride and there wasn’t anything that made me want to continue playing this game. I also found out whilst playing with the VR Headset that it made me feel really ill. I suffer from travel sickness in real life but it had initially gotten better over the years. I have reverted back to how I was many years ago since I’v been driving and hence why I struggle to play VR games especially ones like Rush of Blood.

5. Professor Layton and the Curious Village (DS)


You may be shocked to see this title being in my Top 10 but I have my reasons. I liked the story and how the puzzles fitted into the story but I just hated the majority of the puzzles. I picked this game thinking that because I loved puzzles and problem solving I would love this game….WRONG!! I found the majority of them really difficult and most of the time I got so angry I ended up having to looking it up. I only go to the Google/Youtube if I’m really struggling and I would normally work it out for myself. Unfortunately with this game I ended up having to constantly go to the internet to solve the puzzles. To me it defeated the purpose of the game and made me realise that my puzzle/problem solving is better in games like God of War than in Professor Layton series.

6. Hatoful Boyfriend (PS Vita)


I don’t know what I was even thinking playing this game but it was free on PS Plus. I am now constantly questioning why I did this to myself. It’s a essentially a Japanese Pigeon Dating simulator where you are a pigeon in a high school in a visual novel setting. There is choice base options in this game – I really couldn’t take this game seriously. I also found that the manga/anime character persona of the pigeons confused me even more. Some of the pictures of the pigeons are hilarious before you see their human persona form. I have played weird games but this is beyond my capabilities of weirdness. I just ended up finding this game so cringey that I had to stop playing.

7. Mission Impossible (N64)


I was very young when I played this but I couldn’t get pass the first level. If I recall I may not have understood all the controls. You could say that I’m being a bit unfair on this game because I played it so long ago but I only have bad memories about this game. I just remember this one bit at the beginning I just couldn’t get pass and I forever remained at the beginning. My memory is vague on this game and all I could remember was the amount of times I raged quit. Now that I’m older I may enjoy this game but until then it will remain as one of my Top 10.

8. Great Secrets: Da Vinci Secrets (PC)


This is an odd one but my Dad would have gotten this because he thought it was an educational game of sorts. I believe the story was when Da Vinci was an apprentice and he was looking for clues to unlock the “great secret”. It was so random like having to randomly click on stuff to get through every objective. The descriptions for the items was more difficult to decode than actually finding the item itself. I mean I became so lazy (mind you again very young) I just clicked around the entire screen until something popped up. It was sort of fun and exciting finding the clues but it would have been great if the item descriptions weren’t so complicated.



17 thoughts on “Top 10 Video Games I Hate”

  1. This is a great post idea. I love reading what people love, but I’m equally interested in what they dislike too. I completely agree with you on Professor Layton. I loved the idea but the puzzles were pretty hard, and the game said it was appropriate for youngsters too, but I tried this game again several months ago and I still struggled at 23!!

    Carly xx // http://www.prettystyleofliving.wordpress.com


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