Current Video Games I’m Playing Update

If you read my previous post I was playing on Destiny 2, Cuphead and Tomb Raider. I am happy to announce that I have completed Cuphead and Tomb Raider which was such an achievement. They were both very difficult towards the end but I managed to complete it before the new year. I have a challenge each year over the Christmas period to complete any game before the new year. I don’t know why I do it I just think it’s a bit of fun and also it challenges me to complete games I have left. Here is my current list of Video Games I’m Currently playing!!

Nintendo 3DS – Monster Hunter Stories

Current Video Games I’m Playing

Monster Hunter Stories is a different twist on your typical Monster Hunter games that is currently available. You are a Rider that create bonds with monsters by getting an egg and then hatching it. After hatching the egg, you can use them in battle in a turn based combat system. The story is your village was attacked by a blighted monster and you go on adventure many years later to stop the blight. You have a Kinship stone that allows you to form bonds with these various monsters and can also unleash special attacks on your opponents. A very simple RPG and a light hearted story which makes it fun for all players. This is the best game in my opinion for entry level turn based RPG games. I brought this game a while ago but I was more focussed on completing Tomb Raider. I’m somewhat resilient and generally tried to stay on track and complete one game before moving onto the next game. I do have occasions that I do give into temptation and I did have a quick play on this game on the sly XD.

PS4 – Okami HD


In my Okami HD post I was super excited about this game being brought over to PS4 and I didn’t want to play the HD version on the PS3. At that point I hadn’t even completed the Wii version and I didn’t really want to restart the game at that point in time. Now that I had completed the Wii version, I was more than happy to then replay the game about a year (or maybe even longer) after completing it. My partner bought Okami HD for me for Christmas and I haven’t really put the game down since. I really enjoy the story, the artwork and the gameplay in my opinion there isn’t much you won’t love. I have been playing it differently this time round because there are lots of side quests, abilities you can learn and secrets. I wanted to discover these and I admit I was more focussed on the story than learning more about the character’s stories and environments when I first played it. It’s definitely made me appreciate Okami more than ever and their attention to detail is unbelievable. The game looks beautiful in HD and you can see a huge difference from when it first came out.

I haven’t mentioned about the Xbox One or the Nintendo Wii U and that’s because I haven’t played much of them at the moment. My partner is currently keeping the Xbox One at his mate’s house whilst they are focussing on PUBG. I haven’t had much chance to explore other games on the Xbox other than Cuphead, Tomb Raider and Sunset Overdrive. I did try playing Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild again on the Wii U but I don’t know why I can’t seem to get into it at the moment. It maybe just me but I feel the world is so vast that sometimes when I play it I didn’t even know what to do. It sort of felt like the first time I played Minecraft and at first I hated it. Once I understood everything and knew what I wanted to do, I couldn’t get enough with it. I’m also thinking another contributor is that I’m playing it on the wrong console and I should play it on the Switch. I will be persistent as I know/heard how great this game is.

I hope you like the games I am currently playing and let me know which games you are playing!!

12 thoughts on “Current Video Games I’m Playing Update”

  1. These all sound so good! I literally only play the sims lmao! But my husband plays a lot of games! He just walked in as I was typing this and said he liked your blog background so i’ve sent him a link so he can have a read! x


    1. With Monster Hunter Stories I never thought it was similar to Pokemon but you can say it is 😃 I would say this is simpler than Pokemon but has some of the characteristics ☺


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