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PS Plus & Me

If any of you own a PS4, PS3 or PS Vita will know that you can sign up to PS Plus. This will allow you to play online, get free games and discounts on the PS Store if you pay the subscription fee. I’ve been a PS Plus member for a number of years now but when I’ve been unsure what games to play I always forget about the free games. I tend to look at the physical copies than in my library on the PS4. PS Plus release new games that are free to download for one month only so you have to make sure you register your free purchase in order to have a copy of the game after the month is up. These games could have been out for a number of years/months or cool indie games that you haven’t heard of. It saves a lot of money as well because video games aren’t cheap nowadays and this is a great way to take advantage of the subscription. I once totalled up in my Playstation app all the free games I would get in one month; the cost without the subscription (this was including for all the consoles mentioned above) and it roughly came up to £100. That is a lot considering that is roughly equivalent to you purchasing two brand new PS4 games.

As I mentioned before I have been good for making sure I have a registered my free purchases on my account but not really downloaded many. There are lots of great titles that I have which I would enjoy playing but I keep forgetting that I have. I decided after completing Wolfenstein II for a number weeks and the fact that I will be spending my money on Christmas presents, it would be the best time to start.

I decided to start looking on my PS4 for PS Plus games I had added to my library but not yet played. To my amazement purely on the PS4 I have 123 purchases (maybe even more) that were mainly free PS Plus games and I can’t imagine how much I will have for the PS Vita or PS3. The only downside to this was waiting for it to download depending on the size and memory. I would strongly advise getting a External Hard Drive for the PS4 it has been literally one of the best PS4 accessories I’ve brought and it’s great for downloading games that were/are available on PS Plus.

We had a really good selection of games this year for the PS4 like Little Big Planet 3, Tales of Borderland (All Episodes/Seasons), Until Dawn, Just Cause 3 and many more. In recent months PS Plus have now started to bring out one free VR game. I have a VR headset myself but I didn’t have any games for the VR so this is a great opportunity that I’m taking full advantage. After looking back over this year of games made me realise how many good titles I have forgotten that came out. I think the only frustrating thing about PS Plus is that sometimes the titles that are free in month I already have. In some respects with this sort of subscription it’s expected to have titles you already have to appear for free.

Here is my top ten list of games I’m going to download and play on the PS4 (these include from previous month(s)/year(s))

  1. Child of Light
  2. Lords of the Fallen
  3. Darksiders 2 (I already played this game but I have it on Xbox 360)
  4. Saints Row Gat out of Hell
  5. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
  6. Infamous First Light
  7. Tales of Borderlands
  8. Never Alone
  9. Styx Master of Shadows
  10. Little Big Planet 3

Although I haven’t mentioned about Xbox Gold but I think they do great deals as well . I have never brought a subscription from Xbox; I’ve only done a trial. I don’t use the Xbox One as much as the PS4 and I don’t want to be paying two subscription fees for a console I use every so often. Is there any that I have missed that you think I should play that I haven’t included on my list – let me know in the comments below or should I consider Xbox Gold instead?

*My Christmas Plans XD*

20 thoughts on “PS Plus & Me”

  1. I signed up for my PS Plus account ages ago, but I hardly ever get the time to use it much. I'm definitely gonna try and make use of the discounts 🙂


  2. I would definitely say that the one of the best handhelds is the Nintendo 3DS. They are have a great selection of games but they tend to stay at higher price for longer than other console games.


  3. I don’t really use my Xbox much but I play GTA and sims 4 on my boyfriends PS4 so will defo tell him about this deal cos he’d benefit from it greatly! Great post


  4. I was a subscriber a little while ago and really enjoyed it, there are some crackers in there – including obscure PS4 titles! I might subscribe again 😀


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