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Video Game Collection Episode I

When it comes to playing Video Games, you don’t always take into consideration that you have a collection. This may consist of a couple of games or a few bits of merchandise from your favourite franchise. You suddenly find to your horror; how much you brought and you somehow have to fit it all into one room. This sums up me and my partner’s current video game collection and I will show you how we make best of the space we have. 

Overview of our collection

I’m sure you can appreciate our living room is filled with our collection and is probably not going to be able to fit any more. I currently like the setup we have – I just wish we have more space to spread it all out (I think that’s everyone’s wish but I know we would end up buying more XD). I think what really started our collection is when we moved into our second flat. We started buying some special editions e.g. Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) with the Blue Shell. I think what I like most about some Special Editions/Collector’s Editions is that they are so creative and they are memorable to me because it reminds me of how much I enjoyed playing the game. The more games both us played, the more our collection grew to what it is now. 

The Glass Cabinet

The first part of our collection is the glass cabinet. We got the glass cabinet from IKEA; the only regret we have is that it wasn’t free standing and it had to be wall mounted. We put some Minecraft figures on top of the cabinet because I wanted it to to look as though they were exploring. We also got Sephiroth’s Sword (the sword leaning up against the cabinet) from Final Fantasy VII and the sword’s height is 6ft!! It’s even taller than me (about 5ft 4inch ish)!! The Master Sword (to the right of the Sephiroth’s) I believe this is Dark Link’s version of the Master Sword, which we picked up in Comic Con along with the Attack on Titan Sword.

I got the Mystery Box from my first Comic Con in 2016. It was filled with cool little items but mainly I love the box!! I brought some Mario and Luigi Wii Remotes from Game a while ago. I just thought I couldn’t buy either Mario or Luigi without getting the other. The Luigi Hat came free with a purchase I made on the Nintendo website. They are really good at putting in an extra item when you buy directly from them.


This is my Danganronpa collection, which includes a Monokuma soft toy which I got from Tokyo Toys in Birmingham. I also got Monokuma and Monomi Nendoroids which have interchangeable faces and limbs. The badges are part of the Collector’s Edition from Danganronpa Another Episode (PS Vita). I also have copies of Danganronpa 1 and 2 on the Vita as well.

                                                                                                     This is my partner’s collector’s edition of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 (PS3). This is one of our favourite game(s) and I couldn’t resist buying this for him. I know it may be difficult to see in the picture but I have arranged the Heartless to hold the first game in his hands. They did a fantastic job on remaking the games for the PS3; they were just as beautiful as they were originally on the PS2 but even better!!

We loved the Amiibo collection (Middle shelf) that Nintendo released. We first picked out the few we liked and then started to collect more. The picture isn’t very clear but we have more in the back. I’ve always been fond of Nintendo’s quality of collectable items. The figures include Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey and Diddy Kong, Duck Hunt Duo, Shulk, Samus and much more.

On the top shelf we have Star Wing with Amiibos for Fox McCloud and Falco. This was my partner’s favourite Super Nintendo game growing up. He was particularly fond of the music composition on the first level you played. I haven’t played this game myself but I hope to do so one day.

On the bottom shelf is Ni No Kuni’s Wrath of the White Witch Wizard Edition (PS3) which includes on display Oliver’s book and Mr Drippy Soft Toy. These were very limited due to Bandai not making enough copies for the market’s demand. I was very fortunate to pick mine up on eBay cheaply. There is a light tear on the box but this doesn’t affect the box too much.

We have a Pokemon collection on the top shelf which includes more Amiibos, a Pokemon Typing Game (DS) and Omega Ruby (3DS) Steel book with the Groudon figure. I managed to pick up an unusual item from CEX which was a Pokemon Typing Game (DS) which I have never heard of. I didn’t think Nintendo did typing games so I couldn’t resist buying it. To my surprise it’s actually a really fun game!!

Unfortunately I am going to do another blog with the second part of our collection – I just didn’t realise how much we have. Stay tuned for more of our collection – the story continues….

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