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About Me

Welcome to Okami-Ammy_ Talks & Reviews!!
I have been considering for a while to start a blog, podcast or Youtube channel. 
I am bit camera shy and hate the sound of listening to my own voice (no cruel jabs here please XD).  
I’m going to tell you a bit about myself, what my blog is going to be about and about why I wanted to do a blog.
My real name is Siân and I currently live in Hereford, UK with my long term partner who I’ve been with for over 6 years.
You may be wondering how to pronounce my name and to save you from Googling it, I will write how it’s pronounced phonetically for you.

The amount of times people miss-spell and pronounce my name wrong is unreal; to the point that my colleagues have a running joke called “The Many Names of Siân”. There is literally a long list with different names of attempts that people have made to pronounce my name – I was even called Charlotte once (How does that even resemble my name??).
I have lived on the borders of England and Wales for most of life in a town called Hay-On-Wye. 
Hay is a lovely countryside town and is also known for the Town of Books. I loved Hay but the main problem with Hay is that most of the jobs are in Hereford or Brecon and you essentially need a car. It’s also really hard to meet up with friends too because they lived a couple of miles away from you (yet again you need a car). In the last three years I moved more into Herefordshire with my partner so life is a bit easier because I’m closer to town but still in the countryside. I have also learnt to drive as well which helps (took me long enough XD).
My blog is going to be mainly about Video Games, my passion for it and review of games. I started playing video games when I was about 9ish before that I watched my Dad play. He really started my passion and love for video games. It became a family thing to watch him play games like Tomb Raider (PC, PS1 & PS2), Goldeneye (N64), Star Wars Shadow of the Empire N64 (it scared me soo much the music was well creepy) and Prince of Persia (PC). It was something I always looked forward to on the weekends and the amount of fun we had was unreal. The tank controls on Tomb Raider were the best and worst thing ever. The amount of times my Dad died on Tomb Raider because he pressed the wrong button e.g.  He jumped at the wall and then ended up doing a back flip off the edge was beyond a joke (it was the best haha).
I wanted to do a blog because I wanted to share my Video Gaming experience with everyone. I want to find a way to express my interest and passion. I feel I could learn more about the community and expand on the video games I currently play. I also want to help others who may not have someone that they can talk to about Video Games and let them know they aren’t alone. I would like to think they would also have a positive influence on my blog as well.
I hope you feel you can ‘Press Start’ on your controller and follow my blog.
I do apologise I love my puns haha XD.
Love Siân


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